Monday, January 17, 2005

Okay, I Lied.

I’m writing another post before my trip. It’s not really a lie because I didn’t know I would have time to write. I canceled some work on the house because of the weather. This transformed my morning from a hectic mess, to a how can I fill this time productively, well, uh mess.

I did my procrastinating/ADD best.

I really wanted to start this blog and I promised myself it would be something that I would only post to after working on the script… as incentive. Well, unlike last night’s post I actually did write today. But I probably added only about a page.

I’m trying to think back to the first script I wrote, (or I should say completed.) It took around eight months. That is after the approximately 4 years of thinking about it. Its called Hearsay, a romantic comedy about people who get their cell phones mixed up.

As I toil with this one I feel myself wondering why the last one was so easy. Actually, that is just revisionist history. It was tough to write the 120 pages. I procrastinated, I quit, I left it unwritten for weeks at a time. Finally I finished it. I have to remember this when struggling now. And it’s not like I’m struggling now, I’m just moving very slowly. Speed may be the main difference. Because the last script was almost entirely dialog driven (a real talker), it spilled out onto the page quickly when I actually sat down to write it. I’m sure it suffered from consisting of ‘a few people talking here, cut to a few people arguing here, cut back to the first people’.

This new one has plot. This one has action. This one has sex, drugs and violence.

This one is very different. I actually wrote and outline for this one. I need to keep the action straight. Then I wrote character sketches, so I could better understand the motivation of the characters. I needed to do this so my heroes and villains and innocent bystanders would seem real when they reacted to or caused the twists and turns in the plot.

That was the plan anyway.

Wish me luck.

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