Monday, January 24, 2005

Going to Florida for 10 days.

I am traveling for work again, so the script will be stuck in park, like my Corolla which is in the shop and may never return.

As I have mentioned I have no laptop, so I can do no writing. However, I am bringing a digital camera that shoots short quicktimes and am planning a documentary on my work trip.

Stop yawning.

I will try to post with my progress. I am excited about this because themudthebloodthebeer will temporarily become production centered as opposed to pre- pre- production. Doing versus thinking.

The ultimate goal will be to put the finished product on the web.

Wish me luck.

I promise to think about the script:
1. Lots, 2. A lot, 3. A great deal, 4. Often, 5. Some, 6. Rarely.

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