Saturday, January 15, 2005

Down to Business

So now I’m going to get into the reason I started this thing. I’m going to try to document my attempt to make one of my life goals come true – to write a movie, make a movie, edit a movie and have some number of people see the movie that I make. There are plenty of side goals included not the least of which is to try to make of living following the aforementioned goal.

So why document online? Is it for me or for the world? Maybe it’s an outlet for a different kind of creativity or even a way to look at the process of film creation from a different point of view. Maybe it’s to inform the world, or at least the world that knows me, what I am up to. One thing I hope this log will help with is to remind me why I’m trying to make a movie. If I document the good times I can return and try to recapture some of that when the road is bumpy.

That’s the idea anyway.

There’s probably a place I can put this mission statement type thing that doesn’t really belong in a post, but hey, I’m new, cut me some slack. If you stumble upon this and want to give me some pointers, please add a comment.

Quick progress update: I have a finished romantic comedy script. By finished I mean I’m three drafts in and probably won’t make a new draft. Instead I am about 10 or so pages into an action/drama that is deeply influenced by a really famous old play, by a really famous old English guy. Hopefully future updates will be about the progress in writing script number two and how Spielberg will be soon going into production of script number one. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

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