Monday, February 19, 2007

More than a lot

Today I got an email from Ted Cormey. He directed Aerodynamics, a cool short film that I gaffed. He has submitted a five-minute excerpt of the film to The Lot, the upcoming reality show produced by Speilberg and the Survivor guy.

I love telling people about this movie because I think it helps me gauge the limits of their imagination. The one-line synopsis, probably not the official one-line synopsis, goes something like this:

Aerodynamics is the story of the first black ventriloquist dummy in space.

Are you still with me? You should be.

I loved working on this film. It was one of those projects that revitalized me. It reminded me what I like about filmmaking and why I like being on a film set. Just about everybody believed in the project and just about everybody gave their best effort. I have worked on many sets before and since and I know how rare that dedication can be, even (if not especially) from me.

I haven't seen much more than what you can see here. (You can register at the site and vote for it or post a comment).

I personally can't wait until the premiere of the completed film and I wish Ted good luck.

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