Monday, February 26, 2007

Great Flick

Although it's probably too late to muster any troops for tonight's showing...

There's a great flick playing at the Coolidge Corner Theater tonight.

Hopefully you've heard of it. Any synopsis or review of the film that I write would be in adequate.

Okay, so I'll try anyway.

Four Eyed Monsters is a film about two people falling in love in a very unconventional and inspirationally creative way. During the early part of their courtship they decide to only communicate through creative endeavors (writing/painting/filmmaking) and not through speaking. The film is an extension of these creative endeavors that stretchs the boundaries of what you can do with off the shelf editing software and store bought video cameras. Don't believe me? Well, their self financed film was nominated for a couple of Independent Spirit Awards this weekend.

I saw it in the fall. It's great and it lived up to it's own hype.

Check out their site for better info including video podcasts, a synopsis, reviews and tutorials about how they did it and more importantly how you could do it too.

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