Sunday, January 21, 2007

What would you pay?

Do you want to be a hipster?

Don’t really have a favorite band or are you embarrassed to admit that the only albums you’ve bought were by ex-members of boy bands?

Were you ever in a boy band?

Now, I know what you’re saying, “I’ve never even listened to punk rock!”

And, “I used to make fun of people who are different, but now I’m struggling to stand out from the crowd of other Chihuahua-holding, ironic-reality-show-watching, no-underwearing, soy-half-caffs waiting in line at Starbucks!”

Now for a limited time get your Punk Rock Starter Kit!

T-shirts of people and places that were cool before you knew what cool was. By jumping on this band wagon you can look like you were on the bandwagon before there was a bandwagon.

(In case you were wondering the Ramones was a band, but most of the members have died, mostly from being old. And CBGBs was a club that closed because all the hipsters before you that moved to New York made the rent too expensive for the club to stay open. That is until they moved it to a Las Vegas Casino.)

Operators are standing by!


CleggoMyEggo said...

right here said...

i did the program and i bought a bauhaus tshirt when i was 14. it did all sorts of goodness to my street credibility. Thanks John Coyne! you saved my life!