Sunday, January 21, 2007

There's always next month...

... when pitchers and catchers report on Feb. 17.


CleggoMyEggo said...

As a much bigger Pats fan than the Sox, that information doens't comfort me. But I am not going to bithc and moan about this one. Peyton and the Colts played a great game, as well as the Pats. It was great football on both sides of the ball. Unfortunately, the Pats just didn't come away with it.

johnc said...

So, Pats fan, am I crazy or is the story of this game the mysterious flu that the team had? Why were all these second stringers in? Why did Caldwell look like he couldn't see straight? Why was everybody cramping?

I remember a shot of Corey Dillon on the sideline looking up at a field goal kick and then looking like he was going to pass out.

Unlike every fan in San Diego, this isn't an excuse. I agree the Colts pulled it off. And I think of the Pats 2 Superbowls and 21 game win streak, and the fact that they had no major injuries. Same for '04 Sox. Coming to play on game day is how you win. But thinking that this tore up team was in this game the whole time makes it a little easier to take.