Thursday, January 04, 2007

... leaves everyone blind.

An open letter to EVIL JOHN,


Look, I know we’ve had our differences, you hate everything about me, regular JOHN, your twin, and although I have tried unsuccessfully with letters, phone calls, restraining orders, thousands of dollars of legal costs… you continue posting evil things about me.

I understand that I set up your blog and basically you dictate the content of your blog to me because you can neither turn on a computer nor type. I know that I have not only selected the photos that appear on your site, I have even added unflattering images and comments about myself in to those pictures in PhotoShop.

I guess I’m enabling.

So I have a proposition for you. How about since I’m trying to write more and consolidate and upgrade my, uh, I mean our, web presence, we combine our two sites into one big site that has both you and I as contributors?

I await your response and the horrible insults that will accompany it.

Regular JOHN


CleggoMyEggo said...

The good people at CleggThis believe this is a good idea. We have a hard time trying to keep up with both Johns. While we are still huge fans of the evil john rants and raves (actually, they are usually just rants) we would love to see a truce between the Johns. A John divided between itself cannot exist.

EVIL JOHN said...

EVIL JOHN is still pondering.

EVIL JOHN will have an answer.

EVIL JOHN thinks it is fitting that the biggest thing in cleggomyeggo's picture is his feet. not because of any old wives tale about relative size of his ....

EVIL JOHN thinks his feet are so big cuz he steps in other people's business and puts his big hind paws in his big yapping mouth.


johnc said...

regular JOHN appreciates cleggs comments.

Truck said...

If both Johns joined forces, they would cancel each other out, therefore rendering this blogspot useless.