Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Three More Pages and a Side of Pulp

I just wrote the beginning of scene I hadn’t planned on.

I needed two characters in one place and a revelation. I got those down, both easily and satisfactorily. But now I need a way to get out of this scene. I’m going to ponder this until the next time I sit down to write. Wish me luck.

On the summer movie making front:

My cohort didn’t like the idea… well I don’t know if he didn’t like it but he passed on it. He mentioned a point I hadn’t thought about (my wording): We have the tools and the talent, but we don’t have the tools and the talent.

For budgetary and acting reasons, he wants us to come up with an idea that is action driven as opposed to narrative driven. Stuff has to happen – plot. More moving around screen and less a dramatic arc for actors that we don’t have yet and may not be able to convince people of much more than, wow I almost just got killed there. Not a knock on actors, we might get some great ones, but let’s not limit ourselves if our cast is limiting.

We’re going to meet and talk about what he’s hoping for. If we come to an agreement on the premise, I’ll get started on that script.

I also pitched two more ideas to him that he passed on and had one on deck. I might explore those ideas for my next writing project… talk about a long-term plan. One irrational goal at a time.

26 pages hoping for 90-ish.

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