Wednesday, April 11, 2007

best worst ever!

regular JOHN's thirst for fame has hit a new low.

... now with 75% less crack!

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CleggoMyEggo said...

Outstanding! You really should have keyed some ridiculous footage in your VH1 section, but having dealt with chroma key before in Final Cut, it is probably best you didn't. Where did you shot that?

Regular Barry

reader #3 said...

Regular John should put a solar panel on his head so that he can decrease his carbon footprint that he is leaving on the earth.

... and cleggo, where did you shot that?

Well done, Evil John.

reader #3

Kyle said...

Do you think that John would get someone love drunk off his love hump?

c-ros said...

i parTICularly enjoyed the screaming orange against the virulent green. i guess RJ didn't learn a damn thing from watching all those episodes of Queer Eye.

CleggoMyEggo said...

I do have to say that YouTube clip was fucking hilarious.....

New CleggThis post today.....