Friday, March 02, 2007

Somebody, please...

Somebody please tell me why I like this song?

Not only is it a Cadillac commercial, it's also a non punk song about how punk Iggy Pop is (or was).

It's kind of like "We're an American Band" by Grand Funk, which is a song about how rocking they are. It sounds so desperate, it makes me almost hate cowbell.

Like I always say, if you have tell us how hip/punk/sexy/gay you are then you can't be that hip/punk/sexy/gay.

And while were at it please tell me why I have high hopes for this?


logan said...

Man, I don't know why you like that song, because I find it pretty irritating. Though maybe you like the hook, it's pretty catchy, and stuck in my head currently. I also find the video pretty disturbing. I don't like those bear heads. It reminds me of that flash of a scene in The Shining when they show some furrys getting it on in a hotel room. I think they used the same costume. Ick.

johnc said...

The funny thing is, yes, the hook is catchy, but I find that the most embarrassing part. I think the song would be 100x better if it was a little more subtle.

When I'm riding in an elevator I don't want to start singing, "I'm a real punk rocker" especially if I'm wearing khaki's and a blue denim shirt.

Am I the only one that has that fear?

Hate to disagree with my favorite "cookie hollywooder" but I like the bear heads... not nearly as disturbing as how old Iggy looks. But I think he was born old looking.