Tuesday, March 27, 2007

oops, i'm evil again...

i'm back and EVIL-er than ever. this weeks episode sheds a little light into why regular JOHN can't shed any pounds.

also available on youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6jo7BzJiNI

also available at itunes <- this link will open iTunes on your computer.

logan, and others, this and all past, present and future videos are and will be ipod compatible. (the person who screwed that up has been fired.)



logan said...

That's how I drink MY tea!

reader #3 said...

I'm one of cleggo's roommates, and since cleggo doesn't have his own computer, he uses mine. I've checked out this website a few times (cleggo checks it 8 times a day) and I must admit, before Evil John was introduced, it was pretty lame. Now that Evil John is here, this site is awesome!

EVIL JOHN said...


did you know that reader #3 makes regular JOHN cry?

reader #3 is EVIL JOHN'S new favorite person.


e.s. for logan's troubleshooting and beta testing, she will eventually get the first free EJ t-shirt. that is if i can negotiate a good contract with a third world sweatshop, reader #3 will get the second.

Kevin said...

I grew up with both EJ and RJ and let me tell you that I am so glad that finally someone is telling the truth about RJ. I mean, really, regular j has been getting away with his loser antics for too long. GO EJ.

Derek said...

I think regular John should make the coffee hotter and dissolve more of the sugar. It's less granular and much tastier. That makes it a supersaturated liquid, and puts it on the same level as menthos eruptions, Guinness, and rock candy!

johnc said...

Actually, Derek, I was trying to make a non-Newtonian fluid.


Like these crazy Spaniards: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2XQ97XHjVw

Kevin, thank you for nuthin!

logan said...

I don't care what EJ says, (though maybe I do because I really want the free t-shirt) RJ gets my respect for out-nerding Derek with his Non-Newtonian fluid mumbo jumbo. Though I think you may have started a bonafide nerd war. Once Derek picks up the pieces of his pride, that is.