Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Lots of Travel...

... lots of excuses.

I've been on vacation and traveling for work like a bat out of money. I just sat down and wrote the beginning of an outline for the short horror film. I'm nervous about it being ____ enough. Why the blank space? I don't know exactly what makes a great movie different from a merely good movie. Once I figure out what ____ is I'll be all set.

More travel tomorrow. Progress is a slow, dry heat.

More when I'm back from Vegas.


Amit said...

hey john -sent you the dvd of 'memories of tomorrow' and you should either have recieved it by now or will be recieving it soon... Let me know your thoughts on it once you watch it and don't forget to vote for it at

btw - george lucas has natalie portman as well but look what he was not able to get which Zach Braff was able to achieve with her. Plus having money definitely helps but it can not substitute a good script and story. Garden State was effective because it had a good story and everything else enhanced it. Peace :-)

Roger Ebert said...

I was inquiring about getting a copy of your blockbuster masterpiece that you did for the 48 hour film festival.

johnc said...

the above mention is not from Roger Ebert, but the star of my short film. Sorry to the real Mr. Ebert. Appropriate punishment will be metered out post haste.