Sunday, July 24, 2005


I finished a draft of the short horror film and sent it off to my collaborator. It was weird writing something that I know will be altered and isn't for general consumption. I felt I could get away with writing the dramatic chase at the end as:

"Hiding and being chased in the woods. SCARY."

... instead of describing what each shot or action would be. As long as I can get the gist and plot down, we can tweak all that later. Also, I know that anything I write will be changed when we get to the location to shoot.

I have one major concern about the story. Actually I have many concerns but I am a paranoid worrier and will concern myself at this writing with one. I am nervous about what happens when we see the scary thing in the woods for the first time. Echoes of test audiences laughing at a mechanical Jaws inspire me to show less. Obscuring equals more complex blocking equals more work during a night shoot where no one gets paid and there will be child actors.

Did I mention there’s a cat?

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