Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Got an Editor & Some Big Giant Brains

So things are coming together for my crazy weekend of creativity. I have quite a few people on my crew. I am also trying to grab another few people with limited experience but tons of energy and a love for filmmaking.

Thankfully, all of my concerns, my grave, grave concerns about the complicated world of postproduction were washed away last night by one wonderful phone call. I now have an editor with an Avid loaded laptop. He is going to meet us toward the end of the shoot and begin to digitize the stuff we’ve shot, on location. This is huge. Not only will we be ahead of the game for the planned Sunday editing, we will also be very mobile as opposed to tied to a bricks and mortar post house.

Getting an editor is very important, but even bigger is the fact that my editor also produced an indie feature in 2000. He dispensed sage advice. He was very cautious not to dissuade me or frighten me with the mess that I was getting myself into, but he did offer some great insight. It was energizing because he had a million ideas and suggestions that are only going to help. But more importantly he was excited about working on the project. I also got this energy from another guy who had been on board from the beginning (meaning last week), but a conversation today confirmed his desire to be a big part of the project. They were both genuinely interested in making this a quality production. That is more than I could have ever dreamed. I feel a great weight has been lighted off my shoulders. Now it only feels like a half ton of bricks.

I also talked to my animator. He agreed to create the 20 to 30 second opening credits and to write an original song. He uses Mac’s GarageBand program to great effect. He is another excited assistant who has made my life easier and will make my film better.

I can not stress this enough:

I have good friends. And by good I mean they are extremely talented and more importantly they want to help.

First time producer lesson of the day: when you want something, just ask. Don’t beat around the bush. Don’t worry about asking for too much. People who want to help, will help. People who don’t, won’t.

During the day I am nervous but probably not as scared as I should be, but last night I woke up no fewer than three times, completely freaked out about what I am getting myself into. Yipes!

Now if I can only get the Red Sox to win a game. I was worried that the World Championship would ruin the Sox and end the constant stress and aggravation that they have brought to my life, but two games in (two losses in) I realized that those bastards will always be here to ruin my life.

Thank god.

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