Wednesday, April 06, 2005

48 til 48

I just sent out a ‘who’s in’ email. Got some great immediate responses. I’m very excited. Two days of pre-pro left… have I forgotten anything? Yes, I’m sure I’ve forgotten tons. What can I do about it? Not much, unfortunately. So I’m not going to stress out about it.

I’m also leaning towards not going into the weekend with too many pre-planned ideas. The benefit of being a guy with that thinks too much is that I have a huge storeroom between my ears that is filled with discarded plans. There is hardly a genre of film that I, at some point, hadn’t had a ‘great’ concept for. Some of the ideas were left because they weren’t enough to fill the 90 plus minutes of a feature. Some were abandoned because something very similar to it appeared in theaters. Some sucked. Mostly they never came to fruition because I lacked the motivation.

I misplace, I forget, I get lost. What I do not do is stop thinking.

My brain in a nutshell.

I watched the DVD of last year’s winners. Some of those films were unbelievably good. Some were unbelievably epic. Some were unbelievably bad. It seems that the judges were interested in the best use of the format. Specifically, what can you do with this genre, this line of dialog, this prop and this amount of time? When you see the lesser films you think, man, the competition isn’t so fierce, but some of the great films demand respect.

I hope to hear from more people tonight. There isn’t much I can do now. Will try not to freak out. Will try to get some rest.

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