Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I Love Canon!

Below is a picture of what I looked like when my hella old, 2.0 mega pixel Canon S200 PowerShot suddenly stopped working before the holidays (leading to a painful lack of joyous family pictures):

(artist rendering)

Then I find out that my camera has been recalled due to a faulty chip or some such nonsense. I send the camera to Canon expecting my old camera (or a similar low pixel substitute) back in a month or two.

But no, dear readers, within a week, I get a letter that says this:

"Due to the current lack of essential components at our repair facility, and in order to expedite your repair, we have exchanged your original equipment with a new or factory reconditioned replacement model of equal or greater value."

Also enclosed is a refurbished 10.0 mega pixel Canon PowerShot SD900 Digital Elph. Did I mention TEN point O mega pixel?

I realize that I got the old camera as a present 4 years ago and this new camera probably cost about the same.

But because Canon exceeded my expectations, and gave me a MUCH better camera at absolutely no cost to me,
A. I will tell (IM, tweet, etc.) anyone who will listen how awesome Canon is
B. I will most definitely buy Canon accessories
C. I will blog about it
D. I will probably buy a Canon video camera when the time comes
E. I will probably tell myless technically savvy friends and family about his good experience with Canon
F. I will probably be a Canon customer for life.

Canon transformed me into this:

(artist rendering)

Thanks to Noah Z. Jones for the artist renderings.


CleggoMyEggo said...

Just when you think customer service is dead, you hear a story like this. The last person I ever meet that was a good example of customer service was the secretary at the PE office at UMASS. She dealt with all the student teachers (me being a racquetball instructor) and their schedules. UMASS made a mistake on enrolling me for school credits and this secretary took it upon herself to fix it, even when it was completely the bursars office fault.

Sounds mundane, but how mundane can customer service be if after 7 years I still remember that phone call? Never under estimate the value of customer service.

Derek said...

Mr. Coyne, I also have seen detrimental effects of humidity on my Powershot A75 camera. I will be following your advice and witness the Canon customer service first hand.