Saturday, May 12, 2007

My first real HATER!!!

I got my first real hater today. Other than EVIL JOHN that is. Some winner over on youtube posted this on my video "A Rocky Love Story":

"Typical pretty Quincy girl. They all seem to date fat double chinned ugly guys that are out of shape. I use to live there and was in great shape with all my hair and could never get a stuckup Quincy girl. They all date fat guys"

My wife's response:
"Dear sir,
Thank you for the compliment(?). But you've got it completely wrong. Not only do I not live in Quincy, but I wasn't even born in Eastern Massachusetts. My fat, balding husband of five years is the love of my life, who also does not live in Quincy. Perhaps when you're looking in the mirror at your "great shape" and full head of hair you should also take a moment to look inside yourself and find out why women don't like you."

I'm going to be so bummed out if he's just a friend playing a trick on me.



logan said...

I'm confused. I know I am not from Massholechusetts, but how can you tell (or not tell as in this case) which suburb people are from? I don't think I would assume Jen was from Quincy, nor would I think from the movie that she was "stuck-up". Am I doing something wrong? Should I be using a different browser? Are there special glasses that locals get at the DMV when they register their car? I do hope for your sake that it really is a hater. How cool would that be?

Derek said...

It could be worse: they could accuse you of being from NH and having "the rash".

CleggoMyEggo said...

Dear Home Wife,
I love you. Your power and self-confidence in the face of adversity is intoxicating. I only wish I could have been the lucky one getting hit in the head with rocks, but unfortunately my life is full of sunny days and rockless nights.

Road Wife.

johnc said...

Okay, now I'm uncomfortable.

c-ros said...

i hope hater-guy writes back to jen and they start a war of words. which john can monitor and turn into a blockbuster. final scene of "this guy hates me and got it all wrong about my awesome wife"? jen beating hater-guy to death with a rock, on that same beach in quincy.

sisinlaw said...

Home Wife rocks. And she should get a free throw at Hater Dude. Yeah, Logan, if you used the Loser 2.0 browser, you could be mean too and assume you know all about the pixel versions of people you see on the Innernet. But you are above that.

Haters suck.
Sisinlaw OUT!