Wednesday, February 23, 2005

A Fruitful Distraction

Cohort Tom said we should make a low budget horror movie this summer. He has a camera, some lights and an editing set up. Now we just need an idea. I came up with some thing and pitched the two-line idea to him in an email. He wanted more so I just whipped out something between a synopsis and a loose outline. My idea that I came up with while lying in bed two nights about, because we wanted a cheap and easy movie, has excited me. (There's a dirty joke in there somewhere about being excited and in bed.) He might hate it. I don’t want it to drain the excitement out of SOMETHING ROTTEN, but if it seems like something might come of it, I’ll gladly put my Hamlet rip-off on the back burner for a Wings of Desire rip-off.

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Dustin said...

Hey this is Dustin from the "Journy to become a filmmaker" blog. While it started as just a way to keep notes for myself basicly, I have found it to be a nice way to interact with people. It's very cool to see other people going though basicly the same process.

I wish you the best of luck, and maybe one day in the future, we'll be working on a project together.